CBT Training in Surrey

All learner moped and motorcycle riders, either with a provisional or full car licence, must first complete a CBT training course before they can ride on the road on L-plates.

CBT training in Surrey - Redhill & Reigate - Prices start at £95

On completion of CBT training, you receive a DL196 CBT certificate which activates your provisional entitlement to ride a 50cc machine at 16 years, and a 125cc machine at 17 and over. You must display L-plates on the front and rear of the machine; you cannot take pillion passengers, or ride on a motorway. The CBT certificate is valid for 2 years, if you do not pass a full motorcycle test in that time then you can take the CBT again to receive a new certificate.

CBT was introduced in 1990 to reduce the accident rate for novice motorcyclists by ensuring that they had a basic level of machine control and road sense before taking to the road, and has succeeded in significantly lowering the accident rate for learners. It consists of an introductory talk on the aims of CBT, and equipment and clothing, followed by off road training and practice. There is then a further talk about riding on the road, and the final part of CBT is a road ride of a minimum of two hours, with your instructor in full radio contact the whole time. We generally get people through the CBT in one day, although we are legally and morally bound to make sure people reach the basic standard required for both the off road and on road elements before issuing a certificate, and if we (or you) don’t feel you are quite ready for the road, then you simply book in for another session.

As well as ensuring you have the basic skills to be safe on the road, it also serves as an excellent “taster” for those who’ve never ridden a bike before, and I always recommend that if you are new to motorcycling you just book a CBT before committing to a full intensive course. Don’t worry if you are nervous, remember the course is designed for you, and at AJH we have a maximum of three trainees on a CBT, so you won’t be the only novice in a large group of ex-schoolboy motorcross champions! If you have previous experience, the CBT sorts out bad habits, hones your skills and serves as a great basis for further training. We will, as a matter of course recommend how many more days training would be needed to take the full Motorcycle Tests

CBT training in Surrey - Redhill & Reigate - Call us now on 07796 293169

At AJH, the cost of CBT training is all inclusive with no hidden costs for bike and helmet hire, insurance cover or damage waiver etc, and there is no requirement to attend a “Pre CBT” session – remember if you are a complete novice CBT is designed for you.

For those riders aged 16 years old and those just wishing to ride scooters, we do have 50cc autos available.

We run CBTs on Saturdays and Sundays on a large well surfaced area in a very pleasant location in Priory Park Reigate, with excellent facilities close by.

Please note the following:

I am happy to book complete novices, with two basic requirements:

  1. You must be comfortable riding a bicycle (so you already have 2 wheel balance in place)
  2. For those of you with Provisional Licences, good basic knowledge of the Highway Code is absolutely critical. The CBT finishes with an accompanied road ride and I have to see that you have good working understanding of junctions, road signs and markings etc. before a CBT certificate can be legally (and morally) issued

The price shown for CBT is for one day of CBT training. I try my hardest, and usually succeed, in getting people through the CBT in one day. To facilitate this, I keep the group size to a maximum of 3, or often with novices to just 2. However, everyone learns at a different rate, and some want or need more than a day to complete. I obviously do have to charge for this, but this will be a lower charge than the first day according to time needed. Please remember though, you will be in a very small group and no bike sharing etc., so be careful when shopping around!

There are no hidden extra charges for damage waivers, petrol, equipment hire etc.