Testimonials for AJH Motorcycle Training Redhill & Reigate, Surrey

At AJH Motorcycle Training, we train people from Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Leatherhead, Crawley, Croydon, Caterham, Coulsdon, East Grinstead, Wallington, Sutton, Epsom, Guildford, Horsham, Edenbridge, Westerham, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. Here’s what some some of them have said about us:

I went on a one day back-to-biking course with Andy and enjoyed the easygoing friendly style combined with plenty of useful information and excellent on-road training. It gave me confidence to enjoy my return to bikes (after 23 years) and corrected a few bad habits that I didn’t realise I had picked up.
Great training, well delivered and a very worthwhile day.
~ Geoffrey Campbell

We presented Andy with a dual challenge. I am approaching 50 and had never ridden a bike before and my son who is 18, needed to be able to ride a bike for work. We both attended Andy’s CBT training course having had difficulties with a previous course and wanting to obtain our CBT certificate on 125cc manual bikes.

The surroundings were very pleasant, putting us at ease. We started off in the cafe where Andy explained the basics clearly and then proceeded to the training area where our bikes were ready and waiting for us. We then began the off road part of the training. Although there is a maximum of 3 learners at any one time, we had the area to ourselves and Andy was able to give us the time and attention needed to give us the confidence and skills that were necessary.

Once we had completed this part of the day, we had lunch at the cafe, then Andy talked to us about riding on the road. We then returned to the bikes and Andy led us off to the main road.

We travelled through some country lanes and through the town, gaining confidence all the way, with Andy’s re-assuring voice guiding us through the route and explaining our mistakes whilst we took turns to lead. Finally, we returned to base to be issued with our certificates.

You get more personal attention and a maximum of 3 learners in a class is money well spent.
I would like to thank Andy for his patience and teaching skill. We will be returning to take more training and our test.
~ Ray Grove

Thoroughly enjoyed Saturday thanks once again. It was really good having that personalised experience.
~ Graham Gibbs

Passed my module one and module two first time with AJH Motorcycle Training at the age of 61 and fulfilled a lifetime ambition. All thanks to Andy who proved himself to be a superbly calm and professional trainer from the first time I met him.

I had tried to arrange contact with other bigger schools in my area but no one seemed particularly bothered to ‘net’ a potential customer. Impossible to get hold of a trainer to even speak to in some cases. And then I read the info on AJH Motorcycle Training…it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Under Andy’s excellent one to one tuition I learnt to ride a motorcycle rather than pass a test and I know that the real learning begins now as I hop onto my Honda Hornet 600. I cannot recommend AJH Motorcycle Training highly enough and if you are thinking about bike training then don’t wait…get straight on to Andy now.
~ Dirk Sawyer

Dear Andy
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank-you for a brilliant day.
Any reservations I had about getting back on a bike were all completely allayed and I thoroughly enjoyed reacquainting myself with the joy of riding.
Your instruction and on-the-move comments were great and really helped me recognise what I need to work on.
If you get potential clients who want to hear some feedback from previous customers just send them through to me!
I’m really looking forward to getting back into biking and that’s largely down to today’s terrific session – many thanks
~ Dave Moore

As a late comer to motorcycling, I am happy to recommend Andy Hyldon as a thoroughly professional trainer for the Direct Access Course. I am a forty six year old lady who has dreamed of one day riding a ‘proper sized’ motorbike.

After many years of dithering I finally convinced a friend of mine, Mell to join me and we did our CBT’s last year in Dorking.

We then bought our own 125cc’s and practised our roadcraft for several months independently before finding Andy to take us on! I was very nervous about the jump in size from the 125cc I was used to, to a much larger 500cc bike, particularly as I am not particularly fit and a bit short in the leg. I need not have worried as Andy had a Suzuki with a lowered seat which I managed to throw my leg over safely. Initially, you try the 500cc off road to ensure that you will be safe in traffic and this was very reassuring as there is more power there (which quickly becomes familiar) and you feel safer and less wobbly than on the 125cc’s.

Once Andy is happy you will be safe he uses a radio to communicate with you which is very clear and no hassle. Andy is very encouraging, and safety conscious, and will ensure that all your bad habits are addressed and skills improved. Riding the bigger bikes, and concentrating hard can be very tiring and Andy makes sure you take breaks so that you are absorbing everything properly.

We trained over 3 days and then put in for our Part One’s, Mell (Speed Queen) passed hers with flying colours. Andy, of course accompanied us to the test centres, using the journeys to reiterate his training, and I found this particularly useful as it gave me confidence at higher speeds.

A day later Mell and I took our Part 2 tests at Tunbridge Wells (lovely examiner) and both passed!! Happy Days.. Andy was so proud (or was it relieved?), and we will be staying in touch as he is such a wealth of knowledge about motorbikes that we can’t let him go!

So in summary, both Mell and I would recommend Andy whether you have any previous experience or not. You get tailored training according to your needs, and a lot of individual focused attention to get you up to the required standard. The bikes used are reliable and well maintained, I am now looking out for a suitable ‘big bike’ and hope we have a dry autumn.
~ Sharon Lucas-Durham

Having taken my CBT with another school and not been happy at just being mixed into a larger group, I was looking for more focused training that went at my pace. Andy provided excellent, mostly one to one training and I took my Mod 1 after a couple of days and my Mod 2 a week later.

Andy was happy to make the training days flexible around my schedule and sorted all the test bookings for me. I was confident at every stage to know I could undertake the different aspects of the test and indeed, ending up passing both elements on my first attempt – a great feeling!

Coming late to biking at 43, I was looking to find training that both got me through the test but also provided the practical real world experience to take with me afterwards. Andy has an easy style and calm professional manner, I enjoyed the training and will look to take more advanced training with him once I have some real world experience.

Compared to larger schools, it is great to have a more personal approach and I can thoroughly recommend anyone looking to take themselves from beginner to having that great feeling of losing your “L” plates to give Andy a call !
~ Robert Ramsden-Board

Dear Andy,
Just a short note to thank you for today and my re-introduction into motorcycling. The one-to-one tuition (and your patience) really helped restore my confidence and the bikes you provided were perfectly judged. I was soon enjoying myself and after spending the day with you I had no problems riding my own bike away from the dealers.
Having spent 16 years out of the saddle, I would not have been able to do this with any confidence had it not been for your guidance. I would highly recommend that anyone in my position invests in some time with you.
Kind Regards
Paul McElroy

Hi Andy
Just a quick email to say thanks for all your instruction on the DAS course
this week. It was good fun. I spent Thursday and Friday bike shopping and picked up a 2008 Yamaha FZ6S
Fazer from Lamba in Carlshalton yesterday.
I just need the weather to stay ok so I can get out and ride it!!
Paul Wheeler

Hi Andy
Many thanks for helping me through my bike test. You did make it easier for me. I enjoyed working with you, you didnt make me feel like a kid learning to ride. You was very easy to talk to and you was very clear in your instructions.
I picked up my street triple yesterday and was really at ease with it, does pick up speed very quickly, but i did ride it with lots off respect
Thanks again and all the best in the future.
~ Tony Berlin

“I found AJH Motorcycle training through the internet whilst trying to find a reputable learning school for me and my girlfriend and called Andy who was not only really pleasant to speak to but also really helpful in working out what was best for us. 

Gem and I took our CBT test just after Christmas, Gem had never been on a bike whilst I had spent some time riding bikes on my car license back in the day.  When we turned up on the day at the aerodrome, not only was Andy ready and prepared but the training area was all set out and looked impressive, we were very excited. 

Andy ran us through some theory first in the cafe on the airfield and after took us outside to run through the bikes.  Andy took things a step at a time and really made everything easy to understand.  We spent the first few hours riding around the car park getting used to the bikes and running through some good tests with Andy to make sure we were able to handle most situations, after a few hours we had an hours lunch break and then came back for more where we got on the bikes, rode them around again to make sure we had remembered everything with a couple more tests and then took the bikes out on the road for  over two hours which was amazing.

Andy helped us through this with one way radios, talking us through every step, making sure we were safe and rode sensibly.  We had the best day ever and thoroughly enjoyed the entire day to the point where we are now desperate to do our full licenses.  Not only did Andy make us feel at complete ease on the bikes, he also focused his attention on the right things for each of us, helping us learn the best techniques.  I would thoroughly recommend AJH Motorcycle training to anyone at any stage of learning to ride a bike.”  
~ Dan Frith

Dear Andy,
Thanks once again for helping me get my full bike licence.
I really enjoyed the whole experience thanks to your clear guidance, your patience and your ability to make the sure the sun shines whenever I was on the road! I really feel you were thorough in preparing me for life on two wheels!

Before undertaking your training course my experience on a motor bike was limited to half an hour on a 125cc in a playground. Following four days of training with you on the 500cc motorcycle, I passed module one and two first time and I now have my full bike licence but also, the critical road awareness tips and riding techniques that will reduce the chances of me ending up on my bike in a hedge! (Of course I realise my Jedi training continues, post training, as I slowly but surely build up many safe and enjoyable miles).
I would not hesitate to recommend you.
Simon Daly

Having taken my CBT with Andy in the middle of 2010 I was impressed by the very small class numbers and the attention to detail he gave every rider, there were two of us!!! I therefore had no hesitation getting in contact with Andy once I felt I had enough experience to begin my DAS training.

An email to Andy and the ball was rolling, I gave him a few dates that I was available and he confirmed that he was free and that he had found part 1 and part 2 test dates. This complete flexibility and Andy’s ability and willingness to search out test centres for any cancellations makes him a great asset to anybody wanting to learn to ride a bike.

The training days arrived and with the usual calm tone and relaxed attitude Andy advised me what we would be doing on day 1. Andy knows some great areas to run through the part 1 tests and the whole area around him has everything you can expect to deal with during your part 2 test and in general riding once you have passed. He has country lanes, A roads, dual carriageways and built up towns all on his doorstep so every condition can be ridden.

Andy provided excellent one to one training and after two days I took my Part 1, stupidly I made an error, an error I hadn’t made under Andy’s supervision over the past two days. I think he was as surprised as I was but at the end of the day these things happen. Again Andy remained calm, called up the test centre and managed to re-arrange a part 1 and part 2 for a week later. I took both tests on the same day and passed. Andy sorted all the test bookings for me.

Andy has an easy style and calm professional manner, I enjoyed the training rides out with him immensely, and his re-assuring comments over the intercom just fill you with confidence and also crop up now I have my own bike and go out for rides. The fundamental one is look ahead and plan, it’s a great reminder to have as a new bike rider.

If anybody is thinking of a CBT or going the whole distance and getting into biking then look no further, Andy offers a great service and his attention to detail ensures you are confident whilst on the bike. Don’t delay, pick up the phone or drop Andy an email, the service you receive from start to finish is outstanding.

Kind regards
Graham Gibbs

We chose to train with Andy at AJH because we were looking for a motorcycle school which could provide a personal level of service to get us through our bike tests. From the first time I spoke to Andy on the phone, there was no hard sell, he took the time to understand about our riding backgrounds (I had a full automatic license and been riding scooters for a couple of years, while Charlie had done his CBT 6 months previously), and recommended booking a 4 day course, which we did.

As for the training, the instruction was patient and professional, while at the same time allowing us to learn at a pace we were both comfortable with. At no time did we feel we were just being churned through a mechanical process which you sometimes get at the larger schools. When it came to getting on a big bike for the first time, Andy took the time to calm my nerves and let me practice in a quiet off road area before going out on the big open road! 3 enjoyable days of training later (which really flew by) we were ready for our Module 1’s in Farnborough, which we both managed to pass first time. A couple of weeks later we were back for the Module 2’s and thanks to Andy’s superb training, after a few initial wobbles we rode down to Tunbridge Wells and both got through the tests at the first time of asking again.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone else looking to either do their CBT or get their full license. The training was well paced and thought out, and in addition there was never any question too stupid to ask, which goes a long way to putting your mind at rest when you are riding machines far more powerful than you are usually used to. I certainly feel like a more confident and more accomplished rider than before, and can’t wait to get my first big bike and put what I’ve learnt into practice.
~ Quan Sim

Andy is a great instructor who makes you feel right at ease when it comes to learning on the bigger bikes. Andy has a really relaxed approach to instructing, and he does not have the aggressive vibe of a ‘real biker’ that many of the instructors at the bigger schools have – if only I had known about him for my CBT!

Most importantly, I passed first time with Andy, thanks to his great tuition. With him, I really enjoyed the four days that I was training for my DAS. Most importantly, Andy has a real knack of being able to pass on his knowledge, which made me a better rider. I will happily recommend him to anyone who asks!
~ Charlie Duke

Just wanted to say that Paul & I both really enjoyed our 4 days with you, and clearly learnt a great deal. Certainly everything I managed to put into practice today was straight from the course. You’re a cracking instructor mate – wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to friends.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in fully recommending Andy to any rider wishing to undergo motorcycle training. In my case I was returning to motorcycling after a 30+ year ‘hiatus’ and, having identified my ideal machine, needed the necessary certification to actually be able to ride it. So for me, CBT followed by a DAS course was the path to take. Andy runs his courses pretty much on a one to one basis, so is able to dedicate his considerable training talents and provide the necessary focus on developing the requisite skills. His calm and relaxing style of instruction, allied with his ability to quickly identify and resolve those bad habits us older rider/drivers may have picked up over the years, made the whole experience very enjoyable and extremely valuable.
In addition to the ‘top drawer’ quality of instruction, the supplied equipment; bikes, communications and protective wear are excellent and totally for for purpose.

In summary, the end-to-end experience was ideal and if you’re needing instruction of any level, then Andy at AJH Motorcycle Training is your man.
~ Phil Chambers

Just a quick note to say many thanks for getting me through my motor cycle training and ultimately my module1 and module 2 tests.

Your professionalism, encouragement and guidance was 1st class along with your unwavering patience. It’s interesting reading back through the testimonials that first led me to choose to do my CBT with you and now with the benefit of having done my full licence I can wholly support each and every one of them.
For anyone thinking about completing any motor cycle training, whether CBT or full licence and wanting an instructor who cares about their students with unrivalled passion and enthusiasm should look no further than A J H Motorcycle Training. I know that I am glad that I chose you, I hope that others make that wise decision too.

Many thanks again and all the best,
~ Simon Brown

I chose AJH following a recommendation and joined Andy following my CBT to get my full bike licence. I purposely did not want to join a big bike school, preferring personal one on two tuition. Andy is everything you’d want in a bike instructor – calm, patient, supportive and skilled at boosting your confidence at every lesson by pushing you on. Not only is he a very professional tutor, he is also a vastly experienced rider. I whole heartedly recommend him.
~ J.Martin – a once anxious 1st time biker rider.
I would not hesitate to recommend Andy as his skills as an instructor are second-to-none. He explains the processes thoroughly and is extremely patient which is just what a novice needs. Without a doubt, I will be using Andy when it comes to getting my full bike licence. His friendly and professional approach cannot be faulted and you could do far worse than booking your motorcycle training with AJH Motorcycles.
~ James S.
Fast approaching my mid fifties I decided my life was lacking excitement, so what could I do ? As a teenager and in my early twenties I had enjoyed motorcycling so that was it, I was going to get another motorbike. Knowing that the law had changed and there were restrictions in place, which werent there when I stopped, riding I needed training. A quick google of local training schools threw up AJH Motorcycle Training so that was the obvious choice. And what a good choice that was. I decided to do the CBT training which would help me decide whether I would still enjoy biking, and whether I would wish to pursue it after a days training and riding. I met Andy at Nutfield Aerodrome which is where he carries out the CBT training and was immediately impressed by his calm and pleasant manner which made me feel quite at ease. The training area is very safe and pleasant and there is a cafe where you can get refreshments.He made the day a real pleasure whilst at the same time most informative. After that day I decided to take things further and enrolled on Andy’s DAS course and after three lessons and two test days passed my test.
You will struggle to find a better instructor than Andy with his calm (and calming) approach coupled with his professionalism, and obvious passion for motorcycling.
I have no hesitation in recommending him if you wish to take up or resume riding a motorcycle.

Still chuffed to bits.
~ Jim
Andy’s expertise and professionalism quickly instilled a confidence to ride
a bike again after a 44 year absence. It was great fun. When it comes to
motorbike training, whatever stage, go to Andy first. One happy 65 year old!

~ Simon McIlroy
Well what can I say about AJH motorcycle training other then what a fantastic experience with an instructor who puts you at complete peace of mind whilst riding.
Andy’s training methods are not just enjoyable but more importantly teach you to ride not just pass a test!
Well worth the journey to Redhill.
Great guy & a real pleasure to learn with!

~ Andrew C
Once again I’d like to say thank you for helping me get through the A2 motorbike test. It was great fun and real learning curve. I thought your teaching techniques were great and very professional, and I will definitely be in contact in a few years time to sit my A1 with your assistance. I wish you all the best for the future, and thank you once again.
~ Chris