About the Two Part Test for Motorcycles

Candidates for both A1, A2 and DAS (direct access) practical tests have to take and pass a two-part practical test consisting of:

Part One: Off Road Test:

An off road machine control test, consisting of:

  • Manual handling manoeuvre
  • Slalom and figure of eights
  • Slow ride
  • U Turn
  • Circuit ride and controlled stop
  • Circuit ride and emergency stop
  • Circuit ride and obstruction avoidance

(emergency stop and obstruction avoidance to be taken at min 50kph)

You must avoid knocking any cones over, keep your feet up on the slow speed exercises, and before the obstruction avoidance and emergency stop you must pass through a speed trap at a minimum of 50kph.

Click here to see a diagram of the Module 1 Manoeuvering Circuit

Once this has been passed you receive a part one pass certificate which is valid until your theory test certificate expires two years from the date you took your theory test. (Bit confusing I know !!)

You can then take…

The Part Two: On Road Test:

This is a 35 minute road ride with an examiner behind you giving you directions via a radio (just the same as during your training), who watches your machine control on road and sees how you deal with different road and traffic situations.

What we say about the Two Part Test…

There was some negative press coverage about Part One of the two part test, particularly the obstruction avoidance part. In our opinion, most of this is completely inaccurate.

Rest assured, it is NOT a dangerous manoeuvre you are being asked to do, it is not even that tricky. Most candidates as long as they receive the proper training, (despite the normal pre-test nerves) report back saying they found the whole test quite straight forward and certainly didn’t feel at risk. Certain things about the new system are actually easier than under the old system, such as the U-turn and emergency stop which used to be conducted on-road. Most candidates find these easier on the off-road test, particularly the U–turn as there’s no kerb to put you off!

The only criticism that maybe is justified is that the DSA have not built enough of the new Multi Purpose Test Centres. This means that we do normally have to ride 35-40 miles to get to the test centres, but we know some very enjoyable back road routes to Burgess hill and Farnborough!