The Motorcycle Theory Test

You must take and pass the Motorcycle Theory Test, before taking your practical tests (either A2 or Direct access), 

You can book online via the following link: Driving Standards Agency book your theory test

Even if you are a regular driver, we highly recommend you do a bit of “homework” before attempting the theory test:

  • Gen up on the highway code.
  • get hold of the book of theory test questions, (both available from most book shops and large stationers).

and in particular,

  • practice the hazard perception test through the CD Rom available or on line at:
    FREE online hazard perception test, mock hazard test, hazard perception clips, videos, demo clips

You do not need to do the Theory test before taking CBT

You can also take on road training before the theory test. However, bear in mind that if you book your course before taking the theory test, and then fail when you take it, you would not be able to take your practical test, and would lose the test fees. We would therefore recommend passing your theory test before booking your course.

Any questions regarding the theory test, feel free to get in touch.