Full Motorcycle Licence Training & Tests

From January 19th 2013, the following options are available to those wanting to gain a full motorcycle licence. For all these options you must first complete CBT and pass your motorcycle theory test.

At AJH Motorcycle Training, we provide training for all these options, including hire of eligible bikes, test booking and support. Feel free to call Andy to discuss your requirements.

Direct Access Scheme

Introduced in 1997, the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) allows anyone over 24 to take training and then test on a larger machine with a minimum power output of 53bhp and a minimum engine size of 595cc. On passing the 2-part test, you are then able to ride any machine with no power restriction.

The thinking behind DAS was to address the possibility of someone taking the test on a 125cc machine and then immediately being able legally to ride a bike of any size or power, with obvious dangers. DAS allows you to experience riding a larger bike while still under tuition.

You must be in full radio contact with a fully qualified DAS instructor at all times, you must have your lights on and be wearing a Hi-Viz jacket or bib.

You begin your full motorcycle licence training on a 125cc machine and we will move you up to the bigger bikes when we have seen that you are competent on the 125cc machine. If you are using the correct basic techniques on a 125cc machine, most people find the big bikes much more enjoyable to ride and don’t even want to look at small bikes again! However it is important to gain that initial small bike experience, as if you are using poor techniques, the big bikes can be less forgiving.

A2 (medium) Bike Test

At age 19 upwards you can train and test on a bike between 33 – 47bhp with a minimum engine size of 395cc. On passing your test you will receive a full A2 licence which will allow you to ride any bike up to 47bhp.

If you have held your A2 bike licence for 2 years you can then take the Direct Access Test to gain a full unrestricted licence without having to wait until you are 24 years old. You would not have to re-do your theory test or CBT to take this option.

A1 (lightweight) Bike Test

At age 17 upwards you can train and test on a 125cc machine and on passing you will be able to ride up to and including a 125cc bike without L-plates. This test also allows you to take pillion passengers and not have to re-take your CBT every 2 years.

On having held your A1 licence for 2 years, you could then take your A2 practical test (to allow you to ride bigger bikes up to 47bhp) without having to re-do your theory test or CBT.