For those new to motorcycling or scooters, you'll need to complete a CBT course before you ride on the road on L-plates. Ours start at just £80.
Our direct access training prepares you for the motorcycle test on a larger machine with a minimum power output of 53bhp and a minimum engine size of 595cc. On passing the 2-part test, you are then able to ride any machine with no power restriction.
Motorcycle training for those wishing to pass the A1 (lightweight, up to 125cc), and A2 (medium, up to 47bhp) bike tests. Ideal for those aged between 17 and 24 years of age.

AJH Motorcycle Training School Surrey

AJH Motorcycle Training School Surrey offers all levels of bike training including CBT, A1, A2 and Direct Access. Based in Redhill, the emphasis at AJH is on high quality individually tailored instruction, with a flexible approach.
Motorcycling is a hugely exhilarating experience, as well as being a very practical economical form of transport, and it is important to get the best possible start with the right training for you.
Andy, the instructor at AJH, has been training people to ride motorcycles since 1996, from total beginners to advanced riders, male and female, of all ages. He worked as an instructor at a number of training schools before branching out on his own in 2010, when he formed AJH Motorcycle Training.
We aim to get you up to the best standard we can during your time with us, but also want the courses to be fun – as the best reason to ride a motorcycle is for enjoyment, with safety always being of paramount importance.
We aim to cater for each individual trainee’s requirements with a flexible approach to our courses. We train in small groups with a maximum of three people on CBT and two people for on road training (including the A2 restricted course as well as DAS).

…the end-to-end experience was ideal and if you’re needing instruction of any level, then Andy at AJH Motorcycle Training is your man. – Phil Chambers

At AJH Motorcycle Training, we use well-proven, well-maintained Japanese bikes, and can supply helmets gloves and waterproofs for no extra charge.
As with all road training at AJH (especially DAS), we try and take you above and beyond test standard. We aim to give you as much experience as possible of all types of situations – from slower riding in urban and residential areas to twisty narrow country lanes and onto faster open roads during your time with us. The thinking behind this is that when you take your tests you’ll be able to deal with any situations that arise, and that once you’ve passed you won’t panic the first time you approach a sweeping bend on an A road!
Hopefully this will also mean that the training experience is as enjoyable as possible – we will definitely NOT waste time teaching you test routes! Safety will of course always be the top priority, and a trainee will never be pushed beyond their skill or confidence levels.
We have trained all types of people from all over Surrey, Sussex, South London and Kent, so call us now to discuss your training requirements.

Here's what people say about us:

Andy…quickly instilled a confidence to ride a bike again after a 44 year absence……One happy 65 year old!
Simon McIlroy
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Another rather warm day but a good one. Matthew took a couple of goes to knock out the mod 1, but came back today to nail his mod 2 first time . Well done !! ...

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Bit warm but fun today at CBT. Jamie did really well considering he'd never ridden before , and commented how much he enjoyed the day ( he certainly had big grin factor going !) but felt he wanted to come back for more training before going out on road which is absolutely fair enough. Josh also decided he wanted to spend more time with the highway code before completing road ride, again sensible decision. Dale , however, worked very hard throughout day and succesfully completed no problem, and is planning to come back for a DAS course later in the year. Nice thing was guys all saying how much they enjoyed the day despite the heat , hard work and concentration ! ...

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Course prices from:
£95 for CBT training
£399 for Direct Access

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DSA Qualified CBT and DAS Instructor